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Master thesis

The master thesis is the final and possibly most important part of the two-year programme. It can be started already from the 3rd semester and continues during the 4th semester. Each student defends their work during the 2nd Summer Event.

The final electronic version should be elaborated under the guidance of the supervisor and sent to at least 14 days before the start of the next Summer Event.

A well established example can be found here (if only one supervisor).

The LaTeX template can be found here.

The Word template can be found here.

If you have only one supervisor, please do the following. Only the file erasmus.sty contains significant changes. You can now put in your file


and it will print only the first supervisor in the centre of the page.


Thesis modalities can be found here.


Thesis evaluation criteria (for guidance only)



  • Organisation and structure, clarity of the layout

  • Accuracy, conciseness



  • Context and position of the problem

  • Correctness

  • Technical  ability

  • Quality of the results

  • Interpretation and discussion



  • Creativity

  • Commitment

  • Critical attitude

  • Independence


  • Quality of abstract



  • Presentation (form and content)

  • Sense of perspective

  • Fluence and ease of speech

  • Questions: ability to understand them and relevance of answers

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