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There are 4 semesters, 2 per academic year. Master 1: semester 1 & 2. Master 2: semester 3 & 4

ECTS, Mandatory and elective courses


In total there are 120 ECTS to be obtained, 60 ECTS per master year so 120 ECTS after two years.


Master 1:

- In all sites but Stuttgart, 48 ECTS are mandatory. In Stuttgart, 42 ECTS courses are mandatory.

- Hence in all sites but Stuttgart, there are 12-18 ECTS elective courses. In  Stuttgart, there are 12 ECTS elective courses. All combinations are allowed (e.g. for 12 ECTS: 2x6, 4x3, 3x4, 6+2x3, the most common being 2x6 or 3x4). 

Master 2:

- 12 ECTS are elective courses,

- 30 ECTS are attributed to the thesis

- 6 ECTS are attributed to the Joint experimentation and analysis session in Prague

- 6 ECTS are attributed to the Joint practicum in Cadarache,

- 6 ECTS to the second Language and Culture course.

The mini Winter attendance in Master 1 and both Summer events are mandatory but are not rewarded with ECTS.

Summer Events
Summer Event 1 & 2


During Summer Event 1 between master 1 & 2, Master 1 students attend the thesis defences of their Master 2 fellows. They exchange ideas with fellow students and future promotors about the thesis and destination in Master 2. Master 1 students also give a presentation about their experience in their host country and University/institute.

During Summer Event 2 at the end of the programme, Master 2 students defend their thesis in front of an international examination team composed of all local coordinators, promotors and sometimes supervisors. There are also invited international speakers and alumni in the audience who can ask questions after the defence.

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