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Do I like physics, maths and labs? If no, STOP here.

If YES: did I obtain good results (more than 7/10, A+ to B+, Excellent to good average on the relevant courses) in my bachelor for

  • Physics

  • Maths

  • ICT

  • Lab

If YES for 3 out of 4: do I have

  • Quantum mechanics or quantum physics or quanctum chemistry in my course list?

  • Statistical Physics or Thermodynamics in my course list?

  • Electromagnetism in my course list?

If YES: am I interested in new technologies ? 

Did I hear about


  • plasma,

  • plasma physics,

  • nuclear fusion,

  • ITER,

  • Tokamak,

  • Stellarator

  • ...

If you can answer YES to 90 % of these questions we encourage you to submit your application.

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