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Every student will stay at two different host universities, each during 2 semesters.

The host universities are:

  • Aix-Marseille University, Marseille

  • Universidad Carlos III de Madrid (UC3) or Universidad Complutense de Madrid (UCM), Madrid

  • Université de Lorraine, Nancy/Metz

  • Universität Stuttgart, Stuttgart

  • Ghent University, Gent

  • Czech Technical University, Prague (only M2)

In  some cases, self-funded (EU and non-EU) students already present in one of the partner universities for M1 can apply for regular Erasmus+ exchange support when going to one of the other partner universities for M2.


During the second semester the M1 students are invited to meet the M2 students during 2 days in Cadarache (near ITER)

During the 3rd semester the students will stay two weeks at the IPP Prague research centre (see Joint Experimentation) and during the last semester all students will spend two weeks at CEA-IRFM in Cadarache near ITER. (see Joint Practicum)

During the month of July, each year in a different partner university,  both M1 and M2 students spend 3-4 days together for the Summer Event where the M2 students defend their master thesis and graduate. 

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