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Financial issues



About 15 two-years EMJMD Scholarships (enrolment fee + travel & installation lump sum + monthly allowance) are awarded every year to the top-ranked applicants. 

Eligibility to these scholarships and the balance between EU and non-EU beneficiaries are defined according to the Erasmus+ programme.

Self funding


  • Students who follow a first Master year in an EU university can be eligible - regardless of their nationality, depending on their Master 1 site - for regular Erasmus+ support for their second Master year of around 300 EUR per month. Applications need to be done during Master 1 before March 1

  • At French Universities students can apply for thesis support in the second Master year.

  • The FuseNet Association supports mobility (e.g. for master theses in a country different from that of the academic curriculum).

  • Female students, after they start our programme, can apply to the International Agency for Atomic Energy (IAEA) for a Marie Sklodowska-Curie fellowship (participation fee + allowance)

  • Other funding schemes subject to conditions are available and will be proposed to self-funded students according to their situation.

What students need:

  • On average one can survive on 750 EUR per month. Of course this amount can vary from one country to another.

  • Accommodation costs of between 250 and 450 EUR should be allowed, depending on the country, for a room in a students residence or on the private market.

  • Lunch and dinner at the University restaurants usually cost between 4 and 9 EUR depending on the country.

  • The short mandatory internal EU mobility stays (Summer and Winter Events, Session in Prague) are paid by the programme (trip + accommodation).

  • A local bank account is mandatory. With the enrollment letter and an official address this can be obtained easily after the student's arrival on their host university. Online bank accounts are not permitted due to security procedures.

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