Financial issues



About 15 two-years EMJMD Scholarships can be obtained during the selection procedure.

Eligibility to these scholarships is defined according to the Erasmus+ programme.

Self funding


  • Students who follow a first Master year in an EU university are eligible - regardless of their nationality - for regular Erasmus+ support for their second Master year of around 300 EUR per month. Applications need to be done during Master 1 before March 1.

  • At French Universities students can apply for thesis support in the second Master year.

  • The FuseNet Association supports mobility (for Summer and Winter Events, and Joint courses).

  • At Ugent there are limited scholarships available in the programme Top-up grants

What students need:

  • On the average one can survive on 750 EUR per month. 

  • Accommodation costs of between 250 and 450 EUR should be allowed, depending on the country, for a room in a home or on the private market.

  • Lunch and dinner in the University usually costs between 4 and 9 EUR depending on the country.

  • However additional funding must be found for mandatory internal EU mobility (Summer and Winter Events, Session in Prague), see e.g. FuseNet above.

  • A local bank account is mandatory. With the enrollment letter and an official address this can be obtained easily

For Russian students coming to Ugent or Belgian students going to Russia.